What to Expect When Visiting
Best Care Animal Hospital
in New Port Richey, FL

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What Happens During the Appointment?

We look forward to welcoming you to our animal hospital! When you arrive, our friendly front desk team will greet you and your pet. When an exam room is ready, a technician will usher you both in and ask some initial questions to prepare the doctor for your visit. They will also take your pet’s weight measurement and temperature.

When your veterinarian comes in, they’ll ask if you have any questions or concerns about your pet. They will then perform a thorough physical examination to see if there are any unusual changes to address. If necessary, they might recommend lab testing or imaging to investigate the situation further and discuss treatment options. We can perform many on-site tests quickly, and propose the next steps if required.

Again, we encourage you to bring up any questions you have. The team at Best Care Animal Hospital is here to keep you fully informed and comfortable about any treatment plans we suggest.

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What to Expect After Your Visit

After your visit, a member of our veterinary technician or reception team will reach out to conclude the visit. They'll share useful tips and answer any questions about your pet's wellness and care. Our front desk staff will handle your payment and help you set up your next appointment.

Please understand: We aim to see all our clients and their pets promptly. However, we do have plans for emergencies, but unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. We strive to keep these to a minimum. Everyone at Best Care Animal Hospital looks forward to welcoming you and your pets!

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