Veterinary Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring in New Port Richey, FL

At Best Care Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet's safety above everything else, particularly when it comes to administering veterinary anesthesia, which carries risks similar to those in humans undergoing anesthesia.

Pre Anesthetic Assessment

Enhancing Safety with Pre-Anesthesia Assessments

Before any surgery requiring anesthesia, our team performs a detailed pre-anesthesia evaluation. This critical procedure verifies if your pet is fit for anesthesia, pinpointing any existing health conditions. We also often suggest doing pre-anesthesia blood tests. These tests can help us detect hidden problems or organ dysfunctions, allowing us to either postpone the anesthesia and provide appropriate treatment, or tailor your pet’s anesthesia and medication to fit their specific needs.

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Focused Monitoring for Optimal Safety

While your pet is under anesthesia, we assign a devoted team member to monitor your pet closely from the start of anesthesia until they're fully awake. Our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment continuously checks your pet's heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and other vital signs, offering instant updates on their condition. We also work to make sure your pet is warm and comfortable, using heated water blankets and conducting regular temperature checks.

Patient Monitoring
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Contact Us for More Safety Information and Support

We get that you may have worries or questions about your pet undergoing anesthesia. Our staff is here to offer the information and peace of mind you're looking for. Please, feel free to contact us at (727) 846-8899 with any questions or for support related to your pet's procedure!