Cat and Dog Vaccinations & Microchipping in New Port Richey, FL

There are many ways you can protect your pet’s health, and cat/dog vaccinations are some of the most important. At Best Care Animal Hospital, we’re here to help you maintain your pet’s protection and enhance their health by providing tailored vaccine solutions. Each pet has a unique lifestyle and health needs, so we’re dedicated to making their vaccinations and other aspects of their care just as unique to them. And in addition to preventing the spread of harmful diseases, we also recommend microchipping your pet, as added insurance in case they ever get separated from you.

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Doctor Giving Cat Vaccination

Vaccines We Recommend for Dogs and Cats

Vaccinations do more than help to prevent the spread of disease; they can also increase your pet’s chances of a longer, healthier life at your side. Administering the necessary vaccines to your pet on a routine schedule builds their immunity against life-threatening diseases, effectively preparing their body to fight off infections.

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Adding an Extra Layer of Safety with Microchipping

In addition to vaccinations, we recommend microchipping your pet, whether they’re a dog or a cat. A microchip is a tiny device, as small as a grain of rice, that is inserted under your pet's skin. It carries a unique ID number that can be read by a scanner. If your pet ever gets lost, this ID number can be used to reunite you with your four-legged family member. It's a quick, safe procedure that can give you peace of mind, knowing your pet has an additional form of identification that will last their lifetime.

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