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Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

While we understand that the idea of having your pet ‘put under’ can be stressful, the fact is that the risks associated with anesthesia are quite low, and at Best Care Animal Hospital, we take every precaution necessary to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the process.

We perform a pre-anesthetic exam to ensure the pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Your vet may also require the second step of pre-anesthetic bloodwork, because that will show if there are any systemic infections or problems with major organs before going into the procedure. This testing also helps us tailor medications to your pet’s specific needs based on the results.

All patients receiving anesthesia are monitored closely. A staff member is assigned to each case and provides dedicated, continuous observation until the patient is fully awake. We also utilize sophisticated monitoring equipment that keeps us informed of the patient’s heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Team members monitor patient comfort as well. Anesthetized patients are kept warm using water heated blankets and pain management is assessed throughout all procedures

If you have questions about anesthesia and your pet, feel free to give us a call at (727) 846-8899.