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How to Make Trips to the Vet Less Traumatic for Your Cat

How to Make Trips to the Vet Less Traumatic for Your Cat

Our first step in making the carrier a more attractive place for your cat is not to make it look like a carrier; ultimately, the carrier should be a destination. Think of turning their carrier into a home base by taking the top off and placing one of their favorite beds inside. (Donut beds are perfect for this.) Or consider using one of your sweatshirts as bedding (your scent will always be a source of comfort to them), and also including any of their favorite scent soakers—soft items that absorb your cat’s scent.
Try spritzing a cat-friendly pheromone spray inside the carrier 30 minutes before departure. FeliwayTM or even a drop or two of lavender essential oil can be calming.

Do NOT chase your cat when trying to get him or her in the carrier. Try to encourage the cat to go in on their own with treats or consider a top-loading carrier.

Put a light blanket or towel over the carrier in the car, making sure to allow for ventilation. The less unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells, the better. The cat should remain in the carrier in the vet’s waiting room as well.

Talk to your cat in a low, soothing voice while they are being examined.

If it’s been over a year since your cat has seen the vet, it’s time to schedule an appointment with us online or by calling 727-846-8899.